Founded in 2004, NetSecure provides IP infrastructure security solutions and related services to healthcare organizations, educational institutions and small to mid-size businesses across all industries. ​

A market leader in the tri-state region, NetSecure encompasses an elite team of highly trained network security professionals dedicated to ensuring your organization adopts successful business processes. We are specialists in translating your business needs into implementable and practical real-world solutions.

Security challenges today must be solved in the context of the overriding business imperatives organizations now face.

These challenges threaten not only the network, but also the welfare of their entire organization, along with its employees and customers. Those challenges include reduced budgets, game-changing technologies, global competition, and the disruptive impact of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

NetSecure provides network security solutions and services designed to meet the business challenges you face. Our solutions work because we understand the greater role these solutions play in enabling your organization’s success.

About NetSecure

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With us, you can be assured you’ll receive the business outcomes you expect. Unlike other providers, we align our services around your needs, rather than the reverse. Understanding each organization’s unique needs and goals, we create tailored IT security services to protect your network from external or internal threats.


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