• Provisions to ensure cloud-based file transfer programs are not misused

  • Remote data wiping of lost and stolen devices

  • Protections against malware (e.g., viruses) that might be on personal devices

BYOD Security Management is available as a standalone service or can be seamlessly integrated with the company’s existing IT management platform. As with all NetSecure services, features are tailored to each client’s specific business type and requirements.

  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure all security updates are current in on-premise devices
  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure compliance with company policies
  • Encryption of sensitive company data while it lives on personal devices

That’s the purpose of NetSecure’s BYOD Security Management Service.

With this service, BYOD becomes a win-win-win. Businesses reap BYOD’s economic savings; workers enjoy BYOD’s personal convenience; and the company’s IT department knows that systems, networks, and data stay secure.

BYOD Security Management includes the following features:

Most businesses understand the many benefits of BYOD (bring your own device). 

That’s where employees, contractors and other service providers use their own personal smartphones, tablets and other devices while working onsite at the business. Workers typically need access to the company network, applications and data while performing their jobs. And often that data includes customer or patient data as well. Letting workers use their own devices is much less expensive than buying everyone a smartphone or tablet and most people would rather use their own personal devices while at work anyway.

But companies also need to be careful that these personal devices don’t become a conduit for viruses, hackers and thieves.

NetSecure BYOD Security Management

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