NetSecure Education

Schools and colleges face unique and formidable challenges when it comes to wireless networking. 

Use of laptops, tablets and smartphones is exploding as students, teachers, and administrators increasingly depend on reliable, secure and wireless network access for everything from teaching, to research, to campus-wide emergency notifications.

Despite server budget constraints, schools must either become wireless ready or risk becoming irrelevant if they don’t.

Almost overnight schools must install modern wireless technology in buildings never designed to support it. Coverage must be seamless and ubiquitous across campus, whether inside buildings or out. Networks that can only be worked on during periods of relative non-use — such as over school vacations — must be reliable when thousands of students and devices return to class. 

The BusinessReady Network


NetSecure has the flexibility and expertise to meet these challenges. We know how to:

  • Work around complex academic schedules
  • Retrofit older buildings so there are no dead spots
  • Stress test networks during periods of little use to see how they’ll perform under heavy use
  • Simulate how networks will perform in close, highly populated environments when signal strength is typically reduced
  • Ensure uninterrupted coverage across campus so connections don’t drop when users leave one building and walk to another

NetSecure has installed some of the largest and most complex wireless networks serving educational institutions in the Tri-State Region. Ask us how we did it, and how we can do it for you too!