We thoroughly examine your existing networking infrastructure and then identify and report any and all opportunities for improved care delivery, better asset tracking, greater information access, and cost savings.

Network Design

Based on your requirements and our evaluation we design the network that fits your needs — including recommendations for:

  • Network architecture
  • Equipment to be deployed by type, brand and model
  • Network carriers and services

Once design is completed, you can decide to build the network yourself, or we can

Network Build Out

Some hospitals will use their own contractors to lay cable and install equipment and then ask us to do the service configuration and software programming. Other hospitals will want us to install and set up the complete network. We can perform as much or as little of the build out as needed, in sync with your other providers — up to and including becoming your single point of contact for everything.

Services Tailored to You

Each of our healthcare clients has different needs.  Some need a complete network for a brand new facility. Others need a retrofit of legacy networks so they are integrated and WiFi enabled. Still others want their existing networks extended to cover additional areas, like parking lots or a new building wing.

We tailor our services to fit your needs, in three basic categories:

When wireless is done right, patient care happens faster and costs less.

Caregivers access patient information when and where they need it. Hospitals lose fewer assets. There’s less chance of patient information getting lost or mishandled. And there’s less chance that radio emissions will interfere with vital systems. 

In other words, wireless, done right, enhances patient security.

That’s why some of our region’s leading hospitals, including Philadelphia Children’s Hospital and Princeton University Hospital, have turned to NetSecure for their wireless networks. We have the special experience and expertise hospitals require.​

We understand hospitals’ special wireless challenges — like ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) compliance or the need to integrate many diverse networks (cellphone, telemetry, RFID, email, messaging, IT) into one WiFi network. We are experts in how to provide uninterrupted signal coverage — despite obstacles like multiple building renovations (such as when an outside wall becomes an inside wall), lead lined equipment, and electromagnetic interference. 

And we know how to preserve capital — to leverage hospitals’ previous investments and build new networks that scale smoothly with future hospital growth.

Secure Hospital Wireless Networks

The BusinessReady Network