With NetSecure, phone and video conversations are now encrypted — so phone conversations have even greater privacy protection than with a traditional phone system.

But security is about more than privacy when it comes to phone service. Complete security also requires service reliability. If your business does not have phone service — because of too much network traffic or for any reason — than your business is not secure. You can’t even call 911.

NetSecure Secure Unified Communications is unified communications done properly. We provide the business benefits you’re looking for and the complete security your business needs.

Organizations expect the same level of reliability and security from their digital voice service as they get from traditional telephone — plus the extras of video conferencing, instant messaging, email and web services — all in one unified package with one bill and a single management framework.

Done properly, unified communications typically offers many business benefits.  It reduces travel expenses for in-person meetings, enhances communications with remote workers and customers, and allows companies to scale up or down services with demand, so they only pay for what they use — potentially saving thousands of dollars in phone charges. Businesses also gain greater control over things like communications expenses and customer service wait times thanks to the many reporting features that digital communications platforms often provide.For many companies, however, the move to a digital platform like VoIP (voice over IP) makes voice communications less reliable and less secure than circuit-based telephony. Everyone knows that a traditional telephone service almost never goes down and that intercepting phone calls on these services is very difficult. (Doing so legally requires a court order and — whether legal or not — often calls for a climb up a telephone pole.)

NetSecure Secure Unified Communications

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