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Unified Communication

Unified communication puts decision-makers and information workers in touch with the people and resources they need, when they need them, no matter what communication method or device they're using.

It's likely you and your colleagues already use email, SMS, Webex, voice, video, telepresence and the ever-reliable office telephone to communicate with one another.

Unified communication (UC) brings those technologies together in one seamless integration. It lets you communicate across hardware platforms, including "bring your own device" (BYOD), to see who is available to answer a question or provide needed information. With UC, you no longer have to wonder how long it will take to help a prospect or customer; whether you'll be able to finish a project by its deadline, or when you'll be able to complete a service call that relies on information back at headquarters.

UC brings your communication technologies together, making you more agile and allowing you to find the resources you need quickly, rather than waiting for an email reply, a meeting or a return phone call. UC is the technology that helps you get things done now rather than later, with improved efficiencies each day.

NetSecure delivers UC solutions that enhance communication by:

  • Connecting co-workers with the resource people they need.
  • Connecting supply chain partners to the corporate network.
  • Providing a “presence signal” to show who is available at each moment.
  • Dynamically connecting employees and work groups as needed to address particular issues.
  • Connecting mobile devices to the corporate network, so mobile workers can be productive anywhere.
  • Integrating myriad communication technologies into one seamless network.

Because all communication is essentially data passing through a network, NetSecure provides options to encrypt data whether it originates via email, phone or another medium. The possibility of sensitive information being intercepted by an unauthorized party is eliminated.

NetSecure's UC solutions are designed to improve your efficiency, so you become more responsive to customers, suppliers and co-workers. We offer an array of unified communication services and solutions.

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