Professional Services
With more than 20 years’ experience in advanced wireless architecture, design and deployment, we create customized solutions specific to your needs. Ranging from technical staff and project augmentation to meet an immediate need to full wireless design and implementation services, we will design a project scope appropriate to your explicit needs. And when your needs call for outside support from experts, we can assist with projects such as complex requests for proposals, requests for information, and private contract bid assistance.

Full Service Integration
With Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts and Cisco Certified Network Professionals on staff, we offer full services integration. These expert resources are available to you as part of a wireless project, as well as for other networking needs.

What We Do

​Wireless Surveys

  • Wireless Design
  • Health and Security
  • Network Performance
  • Readiness/Gap Analysis for Network Upgrade and Future Operation
Wireless Remediation
  • Performance
  • Health
  • Coverage
  • Voice over WLAN Design and Deployment
  • BYOD Assessment
  •  Location-Based Services/Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Voice
  • Data
  • Hybrid
Wireless Systems Integration
  • Secure WLAN Services to Existing LAN Infrastructure
Guest Access
  • Secure Guest/Vendor Access to Authorized Services
Many organizations find challenges in planning and implementing a secure, efficient wireless network.

  • Ever-changing technologies cloud the picture: Which wireless technology is right today and can grow to meet tomorrow's needs?
  • Security is absolutely critical. What best practices and advanced techniques assure the greatest security?
  • Budget constraints are limiting factors. What solutions fit best based on the dollars available?

For businesses with employees who bring their own devices to the office; for businesses with sales, service and other mobile employees working outside the office; and for companies that need secure Internet connectivity without the cost of cable plants, wireless access is essential.


How We Work

​A strategy networking companies sometimes use to maximize their revenue lies in withholding knowledge of “trends” in technology. Followers of this strategy believe that by simply allowing the customer to explain what's needed, they'll be able to return in a few years to “upgrade” the same customer once again. At NetSecure, we don't believe in that strategy.

We've found that even the most knowledgeable clients are sometimes not aware of what newer or “breaking” technologies can deliver. For example, the transition from 802.11n to 802.11ac delivers dramatically greater wireless throughput and capacity. Being unaware of 802.11ac's many implications could lead a client to choose a solution that could need yet another upgrade and expenditure in just a few years.

From our perspective, failing to inform a client of all of the known facts, costs and options is simply unethical. We are experts, after all. For a wireless solution to be an asset to an organization rather than just another system that needs to supported, maintained and secured, the solution must be designed from the ground up. It must be designed to meet the real needs of your organization.

​Because there are many ways to deliver wireless networks that are built for today and for the future, we offer education to clients so they can choose the best-fit solution. We'll review the pros and cons of each network design or implementation. We'll advise on hardware and software. Our Personal Service Model assures that NetSecure addresses these variables early, during the design phase. An honest engineering analysis of the current and future state of the system allows clients to access risks, costs and benefits — and then make the best business decision.

To assure our mutual success, the first step in every NetSecure Wireless project is a one-on-one consultation with a wireless architect. This discussion identifies, defines and scopes your actual requirements, which are often quite different from what you think you need. This step is critical in the development of your wireless specification. It allows you to optimize your budget by obtaining the correct solution the first time. The cornerstone of our wireless practice, our Personal Service Model, guides each step. It dictates that whether you have a single location or offices across the globe, all projects are individually specified to best service your current and future needs.

We view every customer as a partner. Repeat business is the biggest compliment a company can earn in a competitive market. Our commitment to this partnership is to always put your best interest first. We feel that servicing you honestly, professionally and fairly is the best way to say, “Thank you,” for your trust in us.

​In short, our intent is to educate, inform, consult and help, so you can choose the best solution. Full disclosure, professionalism and transparency are our goals.
NetSecure has deep experience in wireless networking. We have implemented robust, campus-wide networks for some of the nation's largest universities and hospitals, securely supporting thousands of users. We bring our expertise to help you implement best-of-breed wireless networking, whether you are a small or medium business or a multinational corporation. We work with you to meet your challenges. We help you avoid solutions that may appear sound but could ultimately fail to provide the quality of service you need.

​With more than 20 years of combined wireless experience, NetSecure offers a full suite of cutting-edge wireless solutions. Our industry-recognized and certified experts have a wealth of experience in all things wireless. From advanced wireless services to cellular/DAS, from site survey to design architecture, NetSecure addresses all your wireless needs.
  • Health Care
  • Higher Education
  • Health Care
  • Financial
  • Corporate
Our Personal Service Model vividly differentiates NetSecure from others: We build our solution to your needs rather than the more common approach that tries to fit your needs into one of a few “standard” offerings.

Our Personal Service Model eliminates unnecessary overhead usually justified as “customary” for many kinds of engagements. It puts the customer’s needs first. Through the Personal Service Model, we give back everywhere possible. We don’t add resources, time or scope to a project just because others do. We make billing transparent, further enforcing NetSecure’s commitment to our customers. Working honestly, ethically and professionally is priority one at NetSecure.

Wireless Services

  • Mobility
  • Mobile Device & Secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Access
  • Converged Access
  • Secure Guest Access
  • End-to-End Wireless Solutions customized specifically to your needs
  • Wireless Consulting and Professional Services for …
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